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A comprehensive list of our editor’s top picks in everything from automobiles and boats to watches, hotels, and more.

For over 2 years, Coolest magazine has served as the definitive authority on connoisseurship for ultra-affluent consumers. Coolest magazine not only showcases the products and services available from the most prestigious luxury brands around the globe, but it also provides its sophisticated readership with detailed insight into a range of these subjects, which include sports and luxury automobiles, yachts, real estate, travel, private aircraft, fashion, fine jewelry and watches, art, wine, state-of-the-art home electronics, the best gadgets and much more. For connoisseurs seeking the very best that life has to offer, Coolest magazine remains the essential luxury resource.

Coolest Magazine is a daily source  to discover new products and projects in the world of contemporary design. By being an online publication, we are able to be the first source to feature new products and projects by contemporary designers from around the world.

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With an easy upload of your product you create a profile and become part of our extended Coolest Community. This way you can reach hundreds of thousands of people and become splendid and famous. It’s a design platform dedicated to everything related to young, modern, contemporary design including: accessories, books, design-contests, motorcycles, sports, fashion, furniture, hotels, lighting, new materials, residential architecture, electronics, gadgets, interior design prototypes and much more.



Coolest Magazine is looking for innovations that not only address a need and solve a problem. They are interested in producing simple but great things that make happier and easier the daily life of every young person. It is important to understand how discovery, collaboration, iteration, prototyping, etc. contributed to the conception and development of the innovation as it progressed from genesis to design and implementation.


For Coolest magazine, value is the primary driver for the innovation. Coolest magazine wants to understand how the innovation and design satisfies an existing need or desire. We are seeking evidence of how the offering is different and whether it has distinct, game changing advantages over any alternatives. We also want to evaluate its unique value proposition.